Tomato, Vegetable Garden, Vine – Plant

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Tomato, Vegetable Garden, Vine - Plant

By Amy Grant There are three categories of tomato: early season, late season and main crop. Early season and late season seem fairly explanatory to me, but what are main crop tomatoes? Main crop tomato plants are also referred to as mid-season tomatoes. Regardless of their nomenclature, how do you go about growing mid-season tomatoes? Read on to find out when to plant mid-season tomatoes and other mid-season tomato info. What are Main Crop Tomatoes? Mid-season or main crop tomato plants are those that come into harvest in midsummer. They are ready to harvest about 70-80 days from transplant. They are an excellent choice for areas with a short to medium growing season and where nighttime or even daytime temps turn cool to chilly in early fall. These tomatoes are at their peak harvest in midsummer. To differentiate, long season tomatoes come to harvest more than 80 days post transplant

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