two trees beneath each other dead and alive

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two trees beneath each other dead and alive

By Teo Spengler You look out the window and find that your favorite tree is dead all of a sudden. It didn’t seem to have any problems, so you are asking: Why did my tree suddenly die? Why is my tree dead? If this is your situation, read on for information on the reasons for sudden tree death. Why is My Tree Dead? Some tree species live longer than others. Those that grow slowest generally have longer life spans than trees with rapid growth. When you are selecting a tree for your garden or backyard, you’ll want to include life span in the equation. When you ask questions like “why did my tree suddenly die,” you’ll want to first determine the tree’s natural life span. It may simply have died of natural causes. Reasons for Sudden Tree Death Most trees exhibit symptoms before dying. These can include curled up leaves,

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