Wedding Favor "Thank You" nature bag

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Wedding Favor "Thank You" nature bag

By Teo Spengler Trees symbolize strength and hope, both being appropriate sentiments to honor a new marriage. So if you are about to walk down the aisle, why not think about giving trees as favors to your wedding guests? Wedding favor trees allow guests to plant a live tree seedling as a reminder of your wedding day. For more information about green wedding favors, and especially about trees as wedding favors, read on. Giving Trees as Wedding Favors It’s traditional for a newly married couple to offer a small keepsake to each wedding guest. It serves both as a gift thanking the person for participating in your big day, and also as a token reminder of the ceremony of union they witnessed. In these days when the environment is on everyone’s mind, choosing trees as a green wedding favor is popular. Giving trees as favors creates a sense of your

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