What Are Nantes Carrots: How To Grow Nantes Carrots

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What Are Nantes Carrots: How To Grow Nantes Carrots

By Amy Grant Unless you grow your own carrots or haunt farmer’s markets, my guess is your knowledge of carrots is somewhat limited. For instance, did you know that there are actually 4 major types of carrot, each grown for its unique qualities? These four include: Danvers, Nantes, Imperator, and Chantenay. This article focuses on growing Nantes carrots, Nantes carrot information and care. Read on to find out just what Nantes carrots are and how to grow Nantes carrots. What are Nantes Carrots? Nantes carrots were first mentioned and described in the 1885 edition of the Henri Vilmorin family seed catalogue. He stated that this carrot variety has a nearly perfect cylindrical root and smooth, almost red, skin that is mild and sweet in flavor. Revered for their sweet, crisp flavor, Nantes carrots are rounded at both the tip and root end. Additional Nantes Carrot Information Carrots originated over 5,000

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