What Is Fuchsia Rust – How To Control Rust In Fuchsias

By September 2, 2017Articles
By Kristi Waterworth Fuchsias are a dramatic addition to the home, window box or landscape, producing ornamental flowers that are unmatched. Though they’re generally hardy, fuchsia suffer from a few problems, including fuchsia rust. Read on to learn how to control rust in fuchsias and restore your plants to good health. What is Fuchsia Rust? Fuchsia plants are among the most beloved plants in gardening circles, but despite their beauty and general hardiness, they can contract a few troubling illnesses. For example, fuchsia rust may make fuchsia plants look very sickly, so much so that gardeners are disheartened and discard them. Luckily, it’s not as bad as it can look. Arming yourself with fuchsia rust information will help you better defeat this annoying fungal disease. Fuchsia rust is a common fungal disease that attacks fuchsia as well as willowherbs/fireweed (Epilobium spp.). You’ll know it by the rust-colored spores that eventually

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