What Is Microclover – Tips For Microclover Care In Lawns

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By Mary Ellen Ellis Microclover (Trifolium repens var. Pirouette) is a plant, and as the name describes, it is a type of small clover. Compared to white clover, a common part of lawns in the past, microclover has smaller leaves, grows lower to the ground, and doesn’t grow in clumps. It is becoming a more common addition to lawns and gardens, and after learning a little more microclover information, you may want it in your yard too. What is Microclover? Microclover is a clover plant, which means it belongs to the genus of plants called Trifolium. Like all other clovers, microclover is a legume. This means it fixes nitrogen, taking nitrogen from the air and, with the assistance of bacteria in root nodules, converts it into a form that is usable by plants. Growing a microclover lawn, one that has a mix of grass and clover, adds nitrogen to the

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