What Is Potato Aster Yellows: Managing Aster Yellows On Potatoes

By January 26, 2018Articles
By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist Aster yellows on potatoes is not as dangerous a disease as the potato blight that occurred in Ireland, but it does reduce yield considerably. It is similar to as potato purple top, a very descriptive sounding disease. It can affect numerous types of plants and is found across North America. The disease is most common in cooler, wet regions such as Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Find out how to diagnose the disease and how to prevent it from ruining your spud crop. Recognizing Aster Yellows on Potatoes Aster yellows is transmitted by tiny leafhopper insects. Once the disease progresses, the tubers are significantly damaged and generally inedible. Early insect control and removal of host plants around the potato garden are important contributions to reducing the spread of the disease. The symptoms are often seen in plants in the Aster family, but it also

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