Wild blueberries in a Canadian forest.

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Wild blueberries in a Canadian forest.

By Teo Spengler If the only blueberries you see are in baskets in the supermarket, you may not know the different types of blueberry. If you decide to grow blueberries, the differences between lowbush and highbush blueberry varieties becomes important. What are the different types of blueberries? What are highbush and lowbush blueberries? Read on for information on highbush vs. lowbush blueberry crops. Different Types of Blueberry Bushes Blueberries are a great choice for gardeners since they are both a delicious fruit crop and an attractive landscape shrub. The berries are easy to grow and easy to pick. Blueberries can be eaten right off the bush or used in cooking. Their high antioxidant content makes them a very healthful treat. You’ll have to select the particular varieties best suited to your garden, goals and climate. Two types are commonly available in commerce, highbush and the lowbush blueberry. Highbush vs. Lowbush

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