Wilted asters.

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Wilted asters.

By Mary Ellen Ellis Aster plant pruning is a must if you want to keep these perennial flowers healthy and blooming abundantly. Pruning is also useful if you have asters that grow vigorously and are taking over your beds. To do it well you only need a few tips on perennial pruning. Do Asters Need to Be Pruned? Asters do not strictly need to be pruned, but there are some good reasons to do it. One is simply to maintain a shape and size that you like. Especially if you have rich soil, these flowers will grow abundantly. Pruning them back can prevent the need to stake them and give the plants more pleasing shapes. Thinning them out will also keep your plants healthy and reduce the risk of mildew developing. Finally, by pruning asters, you will get a greater abundance of flowers throughout the growing season. How to Prune

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