Wilting Swiss Chard Plants: Why Is My Swiss Chard Wilting

By January 19, 2018Articles
By Kristi Waterworth Swiss chard is a great garden plant that’s easy to grow and get a lot of success from, but like anything, it’s not a guarantee. Sometimes you hit a snag, like wilting. Wilting is actually a really common problem, but it only has a few causes. Read on to learn what causes wilt in Swiss chard and how to fix it. Why is My Swiss Chard Wilting? Of all the greens you can grow in your garden, Swiss chard is always the most fun. The deep green leaves of this beet cousin create a dramatic backdrop for the bright, cheery stalks that provide a riot of color for at least one little corner of your garden. When those happy lights suddenly start to look sad and limp, it’s hard to not take it personally. Wilting Swiss chard plants can be caused by several different things. If you

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