yellow Fernleaf Yarrow in garden, species Terracotta

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yellow Fernleaf Yarrow in garden, species Terracotta

By Mary Ellen Ellis Growing plants for the compost pile instead of just throwing in your kitchen waste is next level composting. Turning your food waste into nutrients for the garden is a great way to reuse and recycle, but you can go even further by growing specific plants to make your compost even richer. Composting Plants and Biodynamic Gardening Compost is a great way to avoid waste and also to enrich your gardening, but some gardeners practice more intensive organic methods that include specifically growing plants for the compost pile. Basic composting is pretty simple, and it involves starting a pile of organic waste that can include food waste, grass clippings, twigs, and other garden waste. There are some important steps you have to take, such as turning your compost, but basically the recipe is to throw in whatever waste you have to hand. With plants grown for compost,

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