Yucca plant in Arizona

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Yucca plant in Arizona

By Mary H. Dyer, Master Naturalist and Master Gardener Are you in the market for zone 9 drought tolerant plants? By definition, the term “drought tolerant” refers to any plant that has relatively low water requirements, including those that have adapted to arid climates. Selecting and growing low water plants in zone 9 isn’t difficult; the hard part is choosing from so many delightful options. (Keep in mind that even drought-tolerant plants need regular water until the roots are well established.) Read on to learn about a few annuals and perennials for arid zone 9 gardens. Drought Tolerant Plants for Zone 9 There are a number of plants that can tolerate drought in zone 9. Below are some of the more common annuals and perennials suitable to growing in these gardens (note in zone 9 many “annuals” may be considered perennial, coming back each year): Annuals Dusty miller is appreciated

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