Patio spaces are largely exposed to the air and it’s why they have to be planned with care. While their design and planning is very important, it’s also vital that the right materials be used in the work. This is where paver stones come into the picture. Today, pavers are used in many outdoor applications and most people opt for paved patio spaces.

We at Appalachian Landscaping are one of the most referred companies in the industry and have a large number of customers in and around Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Radford, Dublin, and Pulaski. Over the years, we have also created very strong customer base in Salem, Roanoke, Wytheville, Giles, as well as Floyd.

Benefits of Pavers

We have handled numerous paver patio installation projects and know exactly how to handle this job expertly. There are a number of reasons why using paving stones are is the ideal option for these spaces:

  • Variety– You will find there are a large variety of paving stones to choose from including ones made of brick, natural stone and concrete. You will also find that these are available in different shapes, sizes, textures and designs and this gives us the flexibility to create outdoor spaces that are unique and attractive.
  • Ease of installation– In most instances these paver blocks are installed on compacted sand and the installation is quick and easy. No mortar is required in the work and this makes the jobless labor-intensive
  • Strength and durability– When you are getting any outdoor installation done on your property, you want to be assured that it will be able to weather the elements and last for a number of years. Pavers are able to bear climatic changes and aren’t affected by the freeze-thaw cycle in the manner that poured concrete or asphalt are. This is why they last for a number of years without any trouble.
  • Low-maintenance– Paving stones are very low maintenance features and you only need to pressure-clean them occasionally to ensure they stay clean. You can also seal them once every two years to ensure that their surface remains stain, and dust-resistant.
  • Ease of repair– As mentioned earlier, pavers are extremely resilient and can last for years without any trouble. However, in case of any damage, the repair is very easy since they are all individual units. Only the damaged unit/s have to be replaced.
  • Cost-effective– Concrete and brick pavers are very economical while stone paving is slightly more expensive. However all these materials are very sturdy and long-lasting, which makes them a very cost-effective outdoor flooring option.

Where Can Pavers Be Installed?

When we handle patio paver installation, you are assured that the best materials and workmanship will be used in the work. We have proved our expertise in this space and focus on providing high-grade, customized solutions. If you are looking for excellent, cost-effective services at competitive paver cost, simply call Appalachian Landscaping at this number- 540-674-1914. You can send us your project details and enquiries via this web form too and one of our experts will connect with you shortly.